The /talk Manifesto

The world is full of Talkers, but is moved forward by Contributors.

The Contributor adds value and builds. The Talker is afraid they can’t, so they seek worth by talking. The Contributor cares about getting work done in the best way possible. The Talker cares about being involved just enough for the credit. The Contributor gives to make something greater than themselves. The Talker wants to be seen as great.

The Talker has consumed our calendars.
The Talker has burdened us with their personal agendas.
The Talker has spent our energy with preamble-heavy meetings.
The Talker has compromised our focus with formalities and bureaucracy.

The Talkers are wasting our human capital and potential as Contributors.

We’ve settled for too long.

The “meeting” as we know it is the lowest common denominator of what people can accomplish together.

Now is the time to slash the talk and declare a radical reset of how we contribute together. We must transition from centralized meetings and move to decentralized conversations:

  • Decentralize the topics
  • Decentralize the participants
  • Decentralize the time

Together we will expose the outcome of every conversation, making it:

  • Accessible to all contributors
  • Understood by all contributors
  • Transferable by all contributors
  • Actionable by all contributors

We are all both Talkers and Contributors, and when every conversation builds upon those that came before it, we can become better contributors and slash the talk.